The Way of Conscious Death



Welcome to The Way of Conscious Death.

The Way of Conscious Death is a support system for all of us who are encountering death in any form. Here we approach every single passing thing – a lifetime as well as a moment – as an opportunity to become more alive.

You will find vast resources here – videos, writings, educational opportunities and forums for discussion. You will be introduced to others who are also walking The Way of Conscious Death; you will learn their stories and share your own.

The Way of Conscious Death creates a holistic discussion. It integrates the latest medical data on the processes of dying with the oldest wisdom from around the globe. It treats death both personally and communally, as a political event as well as a spiritual one.

The Way of Conscious Death is an offering for each of us who is experiencing a death walk within a culture that is lacking in information about conscious dying; it serves all people who desire to walk a conscious path of death and dying, both during terminal illness and also during periods of strong health. Every person longing to wake up to and through dying will find abundant offerings on The Way of Conscious Death.

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