Amy Agape’s way with life and death is one of whole-hearted, wide-eyed wonder.  She has been living with death consciously for the past sixteen years.  Shortly after the birth of her first child, she was diagnosed with a rare heart and lung condition and
amylightwshadow soon found herself lying in a hospital bed contemplating how to die.

Since that time, her path has been learning how to live as she is dying and how to die as she is living.  In the midst of three active encounters with physical death, she has attempted to create a framework within which to comprehend all of her experiences with living and dying.  This quest has led her to a variety of wisdom traditions, teachers, texts, and spiritual practices; and she loves sharing these resources with others.

During her first hospitalization, a chance encounter with a fellow patient led Amy to make this promise to herself:  If I can help it, no one will die alone.  And she has been working to keep that promise ever since.  As a Hospice Volunteer, Amy witnesses and supports persons during their final weeks and days.  As a Spiritual Director, she accompanies a multitude of people on their spiritual journeys with living and dying.

And as a Death Awareness Advocate, Amy’s amyhospitalshadowobjective is to integrate death into our cultural lexicon through education opportunities, writings, and videos.  Her doctoral dissertation, “The Way of Conscious Death and Dying:  Walking the Stations of the Cross as Kenotic Ritual,” comprises groundbreaking work in conscious death and dying and is a profound model of living authentically while dying.   She dreams of a world in which all people live and die consciously, and she intends to spend the remainder of her days helping to create that world.

One of Amy’s amazing gifts is that of spiritual direction!