Amy is a dedicated listener and companion with the capacity to offer loving, non-judgmental support for others during some of the most challenging times of life: serious illness, grief, and major life transitions.

Her foundation with Spiritual Direction has roots in the centuries-old Christian contemplative tradition and is also informed by her deep experience with ancient Mediterranean religions, contemporary shamanism, and Vajrayana Buddhism. Whether you have received a terminal diagnosis, are supporting a loved one through the dying process, or are navigating one of life’s other areas of death and loss, Spiritual Direction with Amy provides the sacred companionship essential to your sacred journey.

Amy’s Spiritual Direction can provide:

  • a witness to your path, which may be the most significant gift any of us ever receives
  • unconditional support without judgment
  • tireless cheerleading
  • prayers with and for you
  • energetic work in a variety of modalities that uncovers and honors places where healing can take place
  • visualizations and deep listening to your inner guidance
  • instruction in a plethora of practices including meditation, prayer, movement, and ritual
  • support as you create your own practices
  • help identifying any beliefs that may be unconsciously working in your life (or, rather, not working)
  • access to Amy’s vast knowledge about and experience with many faith traditions, including Christianity, Buddhism, contemporary shamanism, and ancient Mediterranean religions.

What Amy’s Spiritual Direction cannot offer:

  • judgment of you or anyone else. Amy can help guide you in discernment processes without the harsh wounds created by judgment.
  • coaching: this term implies that someone knows a right or good or true path for you.  Amy honors what is right or good or true for you in each circumstance, staying vigilant to not write anyone’s life story before it happens.
  • any “fixing” of you or your situation; you are already whole, so there is nothing to fix. Amy will keep reminding you of your wholeness, your beauty, and your love while supporting you along your own unique spiritual path.

Amy offers Spiritual Direction sessions in person, by phone, and through Skype and FaceTime. To schedule a free introductory session to explore Spiritual Direction with Amy, email

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